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The coming AI spring: Preparing to manage its onset with care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, generating excitement about how it could increase prosperity and transform our lives in multiple ways. Yet the technology is also likely to be disruptive. Policymakers and businesses must therefore try to capture the full value of what AI has to offer, while avoiding...

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Portrait of an insurance legend

He was born Md Azizus Samad. M.A. Samad was the short form. Mula was his nickname, used among his family and close friend circle. His adoring juniors called him Mula Bhai with enormous love and affection. Others who had the least idea about his genius and achievements will continue to...

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Mad race of startup investment, valuation and unicorn

Unicorns are new creatures in the startup space across the world. Often loss-making young firms are valued over a billion dollars offering them membership in the Unicorn club. As reported in the media, there are more than 300 of them worldwide with a cumulative value of around $1,050 billion. Most...

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