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Benefits of quitting tobacco

February 12, 2019 00:00:00

Once we understand the benefits of quitting smoking, we will feel more encouraged to quit it. When a smoker quits smoking, drastic changes begin to happen to his or her body. After just 12 hours without a cigarette, the smoker's body starts cleaning itself of the excessive carbon monoxide from past cigarettes. As soon as carbon monoxide level returns to normal, the body's oxygen level increases helping the smoker feel a lot better. The risk of heart attack begins to decrease if a smoker refrain himself from smoking at least 24 hours.

Within 72 hours or three days after quitting smoking, a smoker will begin to breathe like a normal person. Most smokers suffer from shortness of breaths.

By quitting smoking, a smoker will be doing a huge favour to his family and environment as well. Instead of wasting energy and money on smoking, people can engage in other activities that can be more worthwhile. They can spend more time with their families or enjoy short workout sessions.

Quitting smoking can help increase the availability of oxygen in the blood and muscles of human beings. Eventually, the immune system becomes stronger and healthier.

By smoking one cigarette, a smoker ingests 7,000 harmful chemicals into his or her body. Smokers should quit smoking to enjoy a better life.

Tareq Hossain

Topkhana Road, Dhaka


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