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Bus required on Bashabo-Tantibazar route

January 12, 2019 00:00:00

There is a dearth of affordable and comfortable bus services in the capital. The southeast part of the capital, which includes Bashabo, Goran, Nandipara, Kadamtala, Sabujbag, Rajarbag etc. areas, do not have low-cost public transport service. As a result, the residents of these areas suffer a lot while commuting.

It was recently reported that the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) will procure 100 new buses from India in January 2019. Under the circumstances, the BRTC can introduce a bus service from Bashabo to Tantibazar via Bashabo-Shajahanpur flyover, Rajarbag Police Hospital, Purana Paltan, Zero Point, Gulistan and Bangsal. If this is done, thousands of people living in these areas will have better communication with the wholesale market area of the capital.

I would like to request the BRTC management to introduce such a bus service on the Bashabo-Tantibazar route.

Md Ashraf Hossain

120 Central Bashabo,

Dhaka 1214


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