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Clean Banasree canal

March 15, 2019 00:00:00

In Banasree canal of Dhaka city, the water level is low now. This is the most appropriate time to clean the canal and breathe life into it. The clean-up can change the face of the residential area, making it more attractive.

Because of the dirty canal, the residents of Banasree are affected by diseases spread by mosquitoes and other types of germs. A foul smell constantly lingers in the area.

I have been living in Banasree area for five years and I have found that the community is rapidly expanding as house rent is cheaper compared to other areas of Dhaka. But because of the bad smell of the canal, it is often difficult for people to pass by.

As it is well known, most of our water bodies are victims of pollution. Even the Buriganga, the lifeline of capital Dhaka, is almost dead due to increasing pollution and encroachment. We must protect our environment and especially the water bodies in order to improve the living conditions in Dhaka.

Mohammed Sohel Hara

Banasree, Dhaka


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