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Gas price must not be hiked

March 15, 2019 00:00:00

Over the past few years, livelihood expenses have gone up in the country. Businesses have been passing a hard time. Many factories have shut down or facing difficult times.

In this situation, the energy authority is planning to increase the price of gas by 211 per cent. If this is done, it will wreak havoc with our economy.

Experts, consumer rights activists, industrialists, trade bodies and politicians have strongly opposed the proposal. Raising gas price will dent the competitive edge of Bangladesh in the international market. The government is already charging high price from the common people for fuel compared to the international market. So raising gas price further will only increase sufferings for them.

Instead of raising price, the government should take a zero-tolerance policy on corruption of officials at Titas gas. General staff members of Titas like meter readers have amassed millions of taka through brazen corruption. This proves that corruption is going on unabated in that state-owned organisation.

I am sure that if the government can rein in corruption in Titas Gas, an increase in gas price will no longer be required.

Amiruzzmana Khan

Mirpur, Dhaka

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