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Harassment in public transport

June 14, 2018 00:00:00

Women are not safe almost anywhere as they face inappropriate looks and touches to being catcalled. Even then, public transport service is the least safe for them.

At this time, an increasing number of women are working in private and public organisations. As most women cannot afford to travel in taxi-hailing services, which are relatively more secure and safe, most of them have to use public transports.

Taking advantage of this, bus drivers, helpers and other male passengers sexually harass female passengers. Women passengers are sometimes forced to stand in the crowded aisle with the men touching them inappropriately. They also have to brush their way past helpers who deliberately block the exit path. Countless women including me silently face these situations on a daily basis.

Given the prevalence of such practices in our society, I believe we should allocate specific seats for women in public transport services.

Meanwhile, the government should telecast programmes to increase public awareness over these issues and take stern action against culprits of sexual harassment.

Ema Sum Ruhani

East-West University


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