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Removing session jams from public universities

February 12, 2019 00:00:00

After completing my HSC examination, I did not qualify in the admission test for a public university for the first time. Eventually I got admitted into a college under National University. At that time, session jams were frequent in Bangladesh. I was afraid that my four-year honours studies may take as long as seven to eight years to be completed. This drove me to try once again for a public university and this time, I managed to gain admission in Barishal University. I was hopeful that my honours degree will be completed in four years. But after spending four years, I still have two semesters left. Session jam is the reason behind this.

When almost every department in Barishal University (BU) is facing this problem, on the other hand, National University has been on track in completion of undergraduate degrees in time. The teachers of BU are trying their best to reduce session jam. However, question paper moderation and evaluation of answer papers by external university teachers take longer time. These are the major reasons behind session jams. I have heard from others that similar session jams occur in other divisions of Bangladesh as well.

Session jam is extremely frustrating for students. Valuable time is shed from their lives due to this issue. I would like to urge the relevant authority of every public university to remove session jam.

Md. Ariful Islam

University of Barishal


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