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Zebra crossing can replace over-bridges

January 11, 2019 00:00:00

All across the city and other parts of the country, foot over-bridges have been installed by government to ensure that pedestrians use them to cross busy streets and roads. But at the moment foot over-bridges are not being used by most pedestrians as during the day, most over-bridges are taken over by hawkers selling inexpensive items. After dark, the over-bridges seem to attract addicts and beggars.

As people are avoiding over-bridges leading to wastage of government funds, the government can think of an alternative to this. It can think of popularising zebra crossings among the masses.

But a mass awareness campaign would be required to popularise zebra crossings. Beside pedestrians, drivers and owners of vehicles of all sizes seem to care less about zebra crossings. At traffic signals, they often infringe on zebra crossings! If the number of zebra crossings can be increased, then many foot over-bridges will no longer be required. They can thus be dismantled leaving more space for footpath.

Mohammad Zonaed Emran

Mutual Trust Bank Limited


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