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Deep-sea port

Matarbari hosts prime business hub of the region


NAZIMUDDIN SHYAMOL | December 07, 2022 00:00:00

The Matarbari area in Cox's Bazar is wearing a new look as the mega projects like Deep-Sea Port are being implemented there. The other projects include Coal-based Power Station, LNG Terminal and development of highways.

Work on the dream deep-sea port project is going on in full swing. With the pandemic retreating, the work is continuing without any break. The project is likely to be completed in 2026 next.

Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) Chairman Rear Admiral M Shahajahan said, "The deep-sea port being built by the CPA in Matarbari, Cox's Bazar, would become the region's most important export-import hub in the future. It will gain the reputation of the region's most important feeder port for mother vessels from neighbouring countries' ports".

The under-construction Bay Terminal, Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) and other terminals of the CPA will add vibrancy to it after completion of its construction.

The CPA chairman said, "Once its construction is completed, the deep-sea port will be the regional business hub. We will be able to handle mother vessels at the deep-sea port's terminals at Matarbari. The largest mother vessels will be able to berth at the seaport's terminals in future. As a result, it will be the most important regional hub of export and import in the region."

"Bay Terminal, Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) and other terminals of the CPA will be service ports in future. Besides, the capacity of Chittagong Port will increase several times with establishment of the seaport's terminals. The draft of Matarbari deep-sea port terminal is highest compared to the neighbouring countries' ports."

He said the maritime connectivity of Bangladesh would increase remarkably, as the deep-sea port will enhance the total capacity of the Chittagong Port in handling cargoes and containers several times.

Member of Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) and Project Director of the Deep-sea Port project Mohammed Jafar Alam said, "The work relating to construction of the port is going on in full swing now. Earlier, we signed an agreement with Nippon Koei Company on September 23 in 2020. Formally they started their work on November 16 in 2020."

The Matarbari Deep-sea Port Development Project is being implemented with the financing of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The CPA completed the process of acquiring 1,225 acres of land for construction of the port at Moheshkhali. In the first phase a total of 283 acres of land were acquired. A coal jetty, a storage yard and an ash pond will be constructed. The JICA agreed to finance the project and will invest more than 500 million US dollars in it.

At the port, the mother vessels with nearly 16-metre draft will be able to berth. Currently at the Chittagong Port jetties, the vessels with only 9-metre draft can berth. The container vessel with only 2000 TEUs of container can berth at the CPA jetties. At the deep-sea port, the vessels carrying 8000 TEUs of container will be able to berth. Already the construction of a 14.3km long, 250m wide and 18.5m deep channel for the port is complete. The work to widen the channel by another 100 metres is ongoing.

The channel will enable ships with a capacity of 80,000 tonnes to sail in. It will look like the Kashima Port in Japan.

The deep-sea port was originally targeted for the Matarbari coal-fired power plant. Then the government decided to turn it into a deep-sea port.

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