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Power, energy sector sees 4.60 pc lower budget allocation

FE REPORT | June 12, 2020 00:00:00

The finance minister has proposed 4.60 per cent lower allocation for power and energy sector for the next fiscal year( FY) 2020-21.

In his budget speech Mr Kamal proposed an allocation of Tk 267.58 billion for the Power Division and the Energy and Mineral Resources Division in the budget for FY2020-21, which was Tk. 280.51 billion for the FY 2019-20.

A total of 48 more power plants with a combined generation capacity of 16,875 megawatts, or MW, are under construction and waiting to be added with the existing capacity of around 24,000 MW including captive and renewable.

Signing of agreements for construction of 12 more power plants with a generation capacity of 2,785 MW are under process.

Tender processes for six power plants with a generation capacity of 650 MW are underway.

Sixteen more power plants with a generation capacity of 19,100MW are planned in near future.

The government has identified Payra, Maheskhali and Matarbari as power 'hubs.'

Among others, implementation of Rampal 1,320 MW Friendship super thermal project, Matarbari 1,200 MW ultra super coal project, Payra 1,320 MW thermal power plant project, and construction of 2,400 MW nuclear power plant in Ruppur are going on in full swing.

The government has a plan to generate 60,000- MW electricity by 2041.

Some 96 per cent of the country's population has electricity facility and per capita electricity generation rose to 510 kilowatt-hour.

All upazillas will be brought under electricity coverage by December 2020, said the finance minister.

The government has so far been able to generate 628 MW of power from renewable energy, and power plants of a combined generation capacity of 1, 221 MW are either under construction or in the planning process.

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