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Chandpur T&T office closed for two decades

OUR CORRESPONDENT | August 11, 2021 12:00:00

Photo shows the dilapidated Chandpur T&T office — FE Photo

CHANDPUR, Aug 10: Chandpur T&T office (run under BTCL) just beside the Head Post Office, Chandpur 250-Bed General Hospital, and Lady Protima Girls' High School in the heart of the townremains shut for about two decades due to the random use of mobile phones and computers.

The day- to- day works of this govt office have come to a zero level making the T&T staffs workless and disinterested to this office.

The existing machines of Telephone, Gentex and Telegraphs have gone damaged due to lying idle. The main door of the office remains shut for all the time.

When this correspondent entered the office premises, he was thunderstruck to see a work woman (domestic help) standing at the door as if she were a staff. Some vagabond people were sitting in front of the office door.

They said, 'No man comes to this office, to send telegrams. Nor there is any staff in the office'.

The whole office building is dilapidated here and there. It was seen through the window that a youth was sleeping inside the office at 1.15 pm. Also the boundary wall beside the main road is already broken. There is no gate too. But there is a new sign board of Telegraph office under BTCL.

The office and its adjacent premises are abandoned for about two decades. Any man can enter the office premises easily any time.

When contacted, Mohammad Oliullah, who worked in Haimchar T& T office, said, 'The same miserable condition is the case with the T& T Offices at Haimchar, Faridganj, Hajiganj, Matlab Dakhshin, Matlab Uttar, Kochua and Shahrasti Upazilas in the entire district. Mobile and touch mobile phones and computers are responsible for this deadlock in the T& T Sector for the last 20 years.

In the past newsmen of national newspapers used to rush to send urgent messages to this office but with the passage of time, fax was introduced and then touch mobile phone and computer have been dominating everything everywhere'.

In fact, mobile phones and computers have brought about a radical change and revolution in communication sectors making it very cheaper in everybody's hands. Now none knows this office, opined many Postal staffs at Chandpur Head Post Office.

Contacted, Chandpur Telephone Exchange's (run by BTCL) Assistant Manager Md Moqbul Hossain has told the FE, 'Now all staffs of the T& T offices are working in the District and UZ Telephone Exchanges as the T&T offices are shut'.

Some IT experts have, however, opined that the T& T offices may be renovated and repaired or constructed again in the district. Then computer sets be placed by skilled manpower having ICT knowledge and know how. The Govt Services, governmentt circulars, government application forms and government forms, Police verification works, application for admission to varsities, Govt jobs etc, may be arranged and provided by this office at a cheap rate, they said

The idle staffs are to be trained in this IT. Thus the govt may be benefitted and the workless staffs who have been getting monthly salaries for no work may be engaged every day. Because the T&T staffs constitute a large population across the country, they added.

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