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Jhenidah Savings Bureau, Postal Dept sell Tk 15.38b savings tools in three months

Our Correspondent | November 06, 2018 00:00:00

JHENIDAH, Nov 05: Jhenidah Savings Bureau and Postal Department sold savings certificates worth Tk 15.38 billion in three months-July August, September, against their target of Tk 26.95 billion in FY 2018-19.

Jhenidah Savings Bureau sold savings certificates of Tk 307.10 million while they had a yearly target of Tk 850 million.

In the last fical year 2017-18, the total sales of savings certificate of the bureau stood at Tk 1.07 billion against their total target of Tk 650 million.

Meanwhile, the postal department of the district was assigned to sell savings certificate worth Tk 26.10 billion in the ongoing FY 2018-19 whereas they already sold certificate worth Tk 12.30 billion in three months (July-September).

In case of the Bureau, the investment in family savings stood at the top position amounting to Tk 132.20 million.

Quarterly profit based savings certificate was sold worth Tk 98.40 million.

The office sold pensioner savings certificates worth Tk 45.60 million and Tk 0.31 million five-year term Bangladesh savings certificates.

Mohammad Moyen Uddin, assistant director of District Savings Bureau, said people were showing much interest in purchasing savings certificates and in the first three months of the fiscal year they already reached 36 per cent achievement.

On other hand, according to Jhenidah district post office sources, there are two kinds of accounts under post office savings bank.

The target in savings general account in fiscal 2018-19 was Tk 250.00 million and the achievement already done was Tk 35.58 million.

The target in savings fixed deposit account was Tk 650 million while the department here arrived at an achievement of Tk 410 million in three months.

They were selling family savings certificate targeting Tk 1.0 billion and achievement was Tk 262.90 million.

Quarterly profit based savings certificate was sold worth Tk 468 million in three months against its annual target of Tk 500 million.

Pensioner savings certificate was sold worth Tk 54.05 million in place of the yearly target of Tk 200 million.

And finally, Bangladesh savings certificate sale amounted to Tk. 0.2 million against its target of Tk 10 million.

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