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Malta production gains popularity in Rangamati district

October 23, 2018 00:00:00

A partial view of a malta orchard in Rangamati — UNB Photo

RANGAMATI, Oct 22 (UNB): The farming of Malta is picking up pace in the district, especially the Bari Malta-1 type.

Hemkumar Chakma, one such farmer, started farming malta fruits back in 2014 on a one-acre stretch of land. He currently grows them in a big orchard.

Though many were initially skeptical to think of growing such a juicy fruit in the hilly regions, its bumper production has surprised everyone.

As a result, others have followed his method and have experienced the similar success.

Hemkumar told the news agency that the local Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) provided seeds and other logistics support.

With the DAE's help, he planted 200 seeds initially, aiming to overcome odds and grow such a fruit in a region considered barren for most fruit cultivation. The success came in two and a half years' time.

Shantimoy Chakma, deputy agricultural officer of Shukor Chari block, said Hemkumar had voluntarily decided to cultivate malta and hence they helped him in every possible way.

Paban Kumar Chakma, a deputy director at the district agriculture department, said the demand for Malta is met though import but it can be grown locally as Hemkumar has shown how to do. "The weather and soil conditions are also good here."

The way things are moving, Paban said, it may not be far away that malta will be the newest fruit which can be considered for export, bringing in a silent revolution.

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