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Manpower shotage hampers medicare at Nangolkot UZ health complex

X-ray machine lying idle for nearly 19 years

OUR CORRESPONDENT | October 25, 2020 00:00:00

Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex — FE Photo

CUMILLA, Oct 24: The posts of more than 50 officers and employees in Nangalkot Upazila Health Complex in Cumilla have been lying vacant for a long time badly hampering the medicare to the patients.

Meanwhile, the X-ray machine at the health complex has been lying idle for nearly 19 years due to manpower crisis. Besides, the ECG machine has not been running for the last 07 years due to the same problem.

According to the Upazila Health Complex, the X-ray machine, which has been shut down for the last 19 years, has not been reopened yet. The higher authorities have been informed in writing numerous times for recruitment of manpower. However, nothing worked. Besides, ECG machine was installed in this health complex several years ago but it could not be commissioned due to lack of manpower. As a result, the patients who come to the Upazila Health Complex for health care are facing problems.

According to sources, the 31-bed health complex was upgraded to 50 beds in 2005. At that time a hospital building and several residential buildings were constructed at a cost of about eight crore taka. The activities of the 50-bed health complex were officially inaugurated in late 2005. But even at that time the X-ray machine of the health complex could not be started due to various problems including manpower crisis.

According to hospital sources, the biggest problem of this hospital is the manpower crisis. In contrast to the total 20 posts, about 50 posts of officers-employees have been lying vacant for years for which it is not possible to give proper service to the patients.

However, the biggest crisis is the class three and fourth class employees. So the problem of the patients is getting worse day by day..

Nangalkot Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Devdas Dev said, "We have almost all the machines in the hospital. But those who will run these are not there. The biggest problem in this health complex is the manpower crisis. In particular, most of the posts of third and fourth class employees have been lying vacant for a long time. However, even after so many crises, we are still serving the patients.

Cumilla District Civil Surgeon Dr. Mohammad Neatuzzaman said that the recruitment of manpower has been stopped centrally for a long time due to which these problems are not being solved. We have recently asked the authorities in writing to recruit manpower. Once the manpower is recruited, the problem of this health complex will be solved, he added

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