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Postal box loses charm due to modern tech in Rajshahi

OUR CORRESPONDENT | September 20, 2023 00:00:00

RAJSHAHI, Sept 19: Due to various technologies including Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, IMO, WhatsApp, the exchange of letters has decreased by half in Rajshahi.

At present, the postal department is dependent on government letters. In the last 5 years, the postal department has missed 1,82,901 letters and the income has decreased by Tk 9,00,980. However, the officials are expecting that the exchange of letters will increase now due to the service.

According to data provided by the Rajshahi Postal Department authorities, in July 2017, the postal department earned Tk 34,43,126 from letters and 4,27,736 parcels in the northern region. Of those, 2,57,236 are ordinary letters of the country and 695 foreign ordinary letters. Besides, 1,14,994 domestic registered letters and 223 foreign registered letters have been received. Again, two parcels came from abroad against 8,405 parcels of the country. GEP was 4,06,021 and EMS was 160.

In July, 2,44,835 letters and other parcels of the northern region received Tk 25,42,146. Of those, 99,249 domestic ordinary letters were exchanged while 40 ordinary letters came from abroad.

Meanwhile, 1,10,650 registered letters were exchanged in the country, 39 came from abroad. Besides, 3,893 parcels have arrived from different parts of the country, six have arrived from abroad. GEP was 3,00681 and EMS was 262.

In the last 5 years, the postal department has missed 1,82,901 letters and the income has decreased by Tk 9,00,980.

Nizam Uddin, a retired officer, said earlier there was no communication other than letters. We used to send letters to parents, wife and friends. Now everyone wants to get quick answers.

He said there are no more letters like those days. "I can't express how emotional the letters were. People used to cry for the letters. It was a sweet time," he added.

Sheikh Saiful Alam, Rajshahi Region Additional Postmaster General, said the number of letters has decreased not only in Rajshahi or Bangladesh. It has declined worldwide. Writing letters has been decreased due to digital convenience, he said. People are now communicating instantly on Facebook, Messenger, Email. As a result, personal letters no longer exist. But official letter is coming now. Bank insurance company letters are increasing a lot, he added.

He said during the tenure of this government, the Postal Department Act was passed in 2012/13. As a result, the competition of couriers with the postal department is increasing. People don't even know about many of our services, he said. "We have had a breakthrough in domestic mail. Now the customers can track how far the letter goes. We hope to do well with them. A good time is coming," he added.

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