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A youth initiative

June 24, 2020 12:00:00

We, 28 students from Dhaka Residential Model College, took a small step to help the deprived people of the society. We've formed a group of dedicated volunteers to carry forward our initiative. We started by handing over some foods to homeless people and expanded our activities to various locations.

Our platform called Bhoroshasthol (place to rely on) has been active in Dhaka city since its formation in May 2019. It stood beside more than 2500 people supporting them with clothes, blankets, foods, masks, and also cash. We've made alliance with Gontobbo Youth Foundation to work on their flagship event "2 Takar Hashi" (smile at a cost of Tk 2.0). Its objective is to save at least Tk 2.0 a day to help families in dire financial need. A lot of people supported out initiative. During the pandemic, we are keeping in touch with each other virtually. We're trying to overcome difficulties by collecting donations and reach those to the needy people. We believe, our humble efforts can be replicated by other youths to support people in their respective areas.

Ahnaf Abrar Husain

President, Bhoroshasthol

Dhaka Residential Model College

[email protected]

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