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Addressing menace of rats

February 24, 2021 00:00:00

Many people do not know that rats alone eat up nearly 4.0 per cent Bangladesh's annually produced food grains and vegetables. There are 18 species of rats in different parts of the country. Their reproduction rate is very high. According to experts, a pair of rats can give birth to around 3,000 offspring yearly, wreaking havoc on crop production. So, it is becoming a threat to our food security system.

There is no place in our daily lives where rats are not present. From crop fields to sewers, garbage dustbins, food warehouses, factories, hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and homes --- rats are everywhere. They have become a nuisance in the urban areas. These rats tend to chew power cables of desktop computers, electric wires to shreds, bite pages and covers of books into pieces and eat any food that is carelessly left out in the kitchen or any other room of a house. We must also remember that rats are one of the carriers of deadly disease plague.

To control rats, our farmers use conventional methods and poisons. But, these methods do not seem much effective. Therefore, we urge the authorities concerned to address the country's rat problem so that the pest can be controlled in an effective manner.

Md Saimon,

Student of Government Commerce College, Chattagram,

Chandnaish, Chattagram,

[email protected]

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