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Letters to the Editor

Avoiding risky speedboats

May 05, 2021 00:00:00

We are shocked by the news of capsize of yet another water vessel. This time, at least 26 people were killed as a speedboat overturned after hitting a sand-laden bulkhead anchored in the Padma river at Madaripur's Shibchar on Monday morning. The vessel might have collided with the anchored bulkhead allegedly for poor visibility or his drowsiness. Several survivors mentioned speeding and reckless driving as a reason behind the accident. None of these drivers is institutionally trained or licensed. In fact, speedboat service is not legal on Shimulia-Kathalbari/ Banglabazar route. However, around 400 speedboats are being operated every day on this route. But these speedboats do not have any registration or fitness certificates from the government. It is often found that life jackets are not supplied sufficiently by these vessels. Even if they are supplied, passengers do not care to wear them.

So, we urge all passengers to avoid risky speedboats while crossing the Padma river. The authorities concerned should raise public awareness in this regard. Strict monitoring by the law enforcement agencies is also a must.

M A Islam,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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