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Campus ombudsman for improving atmosphere

January 14, 2020 00:00:00

Eight teachers of Dhaka University (DU) have demanded 'secure, free and dignified learning atmosphere' on the campus. In a joint opinion piece published in a Bangla daily, they also expressed concern at an incident of assaulting an associate professor of Anthropology at DU, Zobaida Nasreen, by powerful elements at a dormitory recently. Alleging that the campus atmosphere has deteriorated in recent years, the teachers alleged that torture cell inside dormitories led to killing of BUET student Abrar.

Meanwhile, President Abdul Hamid has urged the vice-chancellors of public universities to perform their duties with dedication and honesty, and they should stay away from corruption. However, the eight teachers expressed their doubts about getting justice, in Zobaida Nasreen's case from the university administration. That is sad for the nation.

It is often seen that reactive steps are taken whenever there is an incident or, for example, a report on poor ranking of Bangladeshi universities. The eight teachers have proposed appointment of 'Campus Ombudsman' at Dhaka University under the university's Chancellor, the President of the country in this case. Similar steps may be considered to create a fresh and peaceful atmosphere for learning, teaching and research at the country's universities.

Raoshan Jamil

Farmgate, Dhaka

[email protected]

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