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Letters to the Editor

Embracing the future of marketing

April 03, 2024 00:00:00

In the constantly evolving marketing world, Bangladesh is at a crossroads where established techniques meet disruptive new advances. As AI influencers emerge as strong players in global brand advertising, Bangladesh's marketing industry is on the verge of confronting something extraordinary. The question at the core of this paradigm shift is: how open are Bangladeshis to using AI influencers in their marketing efforts? Let us delve deep into Bangladesh's cultural complexities and the various aspects that determine its potential.

In terms of cultural aspects, Bangladesh has a diverse cultural mix rooted in history, legacy and communal spirit. Authenticity, interpersonal ties, and communal trust are the most essential elements that need to be considered. As a result, marketing efforts must match these cultural norms and cultivate meaningful ties with the target audience.

With a significant portion of the population being a youthful tech-savvy individuals, Bangladesh provides an ideal environment for innovative advertising approaches. AI influencers, with their digital appeal, have the potential to captivate this audience, drive interaction, and build brand affinity.

As AI influencer marketing grows popular, navigating regulatory frameworks and compliance obligations becomes increasingly essential. Marketeers must guarantee that AI technology is used ethically and responsibly in accordance with local data protection and consumer rights laws.

The viability of AI influencer adoption in Bangladesh marketing depends on an appropriate balance of technology innovation, culture, and customer trust. Brands must engage in a cultural immersion experience to get profound insights into Bangladesh consumers' different tastes, values, and behavioural patterns.

Marketeers can unleash the full potential of AI influencers to drive substantial engagement, cultivate brand loyalty, and reshape the direction of marketing in Bangladesh by combining technological acumen and cultural understanding. As the country embraces the digital era, the incorporation of AI influencers into marketing plans heralds not only a trend but a seismic change towards a more dynamic and significant brand-customer connection.

However, there are some challenges to navigate. Being authentic and relatable is essential for building trust and credibility with Bangladesh consumers. AI influencers must be rigorously curated to match local customs, language nuances, and cultural nuances in order to develop genuine connections with the audience.

Consumers may be concerned about the use of AI influencers in an increasingly data-conscious world. Marketeers must prioritise openness and data protection in order to alleviate privacy concerns and build trust with their target audience.

Mashrura Binte Islam, Student

North South University

[email protected]

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