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Ensuring better pay for primary schoolteachers

February 23, 2021 00:00:00

We live in a society that places a high monetary value on almost everything, as it appears, except education. Teachers are among some of the lowest-paid professionals in the country. But the work they do is arguably the most important. They deserve a better pay and other supports so that they can concentrate only on teaching. According to the primary and mass education ministry, the number of government primary schools is 65,593 and the number of teachers in these schools is 349,217. Many of these teachers get engaged in other jobs like tutoring, farming, and fish farming as they cannot maintain their family by what they get as teachers. Instead of taking classes, they sometimes remain busy with other jobs.

To improve the living standard of government primary schoolteachers, there is no alternative but to increase their salary. The teachers have long been continuing a movement demanding 10th grade for the head teachers from 11th grade and 11th grade for the assistant teachers. Authorities should sit with the teachers about these demands and ensure a better pay.

Abu Faruk,

Banarupa Para,

Sadar, Bandarban,

[email protected]

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