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Letters to the Editor

Fighting climate change issues

May 04, 2021 00:00:00

The earth's temperatures havegradually been increasing over the past few decades. The main reason for this increase in temperature is the presence of excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Industrially developed nations are mainly responsible for this situation. Many countries, including Bangladesh, have already been experiencing adverse effects of climate change because of their unfavourable geo-position.

If the global community fails to reduce global warming by two degrees (1.5 degrees), a goal which was set under the Paris Agreement earlier, almost 50 victim countries will suffer extensively. Increasing threats of imbalance in environment and ecology, gradual rising of temperatures, melting of icebergs, rising of sea levels, and frequent natural calamities are going to threaten our survival on this planet.

To combat climate change, all nations should come forward and work together to limit greenhouse gas emission. The industrially developed countries must disburse the promised aid in a bid to ensure climate funds so that the victim countries can cope with natural disasters, adapt to and mitigate climate change issues.

Wares Ali Khan,


[email protected]

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