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Focusing on genome sequencing, biotechnology

May 05, 2021 00:00:00

Many countries have been prioritising DNA and biotechnology research and revolutionising in the fields of health and medicine. Australia and New Zealand have been able to control the surge of Covid-19 cases through genome sequencing. These two countries are now zero Covid countries. The recent resurgence of Covid-19 has shown the world why DNA research is important and how it can work for the public interest. Through routine genome sequencing of coronavirus, we can know very quickly from which country what kind of variant or a new strain of Covid-19 enters our country. Following this, we can take necessary steps against the spread of the virus.

According to Forbes magazine, biotechnology sector is one of the ten most promising sectors in the globe. Many entrepreneurs have already started investing billions of dollars in this sector. But in Bangladesh, we can hardly see any initiative taken in this regard. So without wasting time, the authorities concerned should immediately focus on DNA research and genome sequencing and encourage entrepreneurs working in this field.

Wares Ali Khan,


[email protected]

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