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Foreign-bound students' problem of opening bank profile needs addressing

November 24, 2022 00:00:00

The students who want to go abroad for higher studies can no longer create bank profiles due to foreign exchange crisis. Private and foreign banks in Bangladesh open such profiles for the students going abroad. However, because of the ongoing dollar crisis, most banks have stopped opening these files recently. This means those who have offer letters from foreign universities cannot give their tuition fees through Bangladeshi bank accounts.

Many students completed admission process at universities overseas but the universities cancelled their admission since the students failed to send tuition fees. The admission process for next semester is going to start in February, 2023 in most overseas universities. A number of Bangladeshi students have already received offer letters for studying in foreign universities. Most of the students have submitted their bank statements, notarised copies of their documents and health insurances. However, they are yet to submit their tuition fees through banks. If the dollar crisis is not managed soon, these students will fail to go abroad and study in the universities of their choice. When people cannot pay through legal channels, they resort to illegal ways like hundi and try to make their payment.

Bangladeshi students willing to study abroad have already faced many problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And now, if the problem of opening bank profile is not resolved immediately, they will fall behind further. The authorities concerned should look into this and do the needful without wasting time.

Mubin Hasan Khan,

Student of LLM,

University of Technology Sydney,

[email protected]

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