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Fraudulent activities on Facebook

September 25, 2020 00:00:00

Only a few of the fraudulent activities carried out online are reported and people are getting surprised at the tactics. As an increasing number of people are using Facebook and other social media, the frauds can target many of them whereas popularity of the platform could have made their users conscious about risks. More than 33 million Bangladesh people reportedly use Facebook.

During the pandemic, social media users are giving ordering many items and also making queries about health, education and other issues. While most of them are positively using the social media, still many of them are being cheated. Developing relationship of different types, fake offers for profit and easy money, and selling of substandard services are some of these practices resorted to by frauds who ask their clients to keep it hidden from others. That approach is enough to understand the motive.

Unfortunately, the frauds, who mostly maintain fake accounts, are using some formal sources such as bKash, Rocket or card to receive their payment. Advertisements are also put on the Facebook page. Some hackers are also active. Therefore, people should bring such activities to the notice of the authorities including the police. Various service providers, regulators and law enforcement authorities should also make arrangement for receiving complaints from victims.

Mamun Hossain

Deptt. of Political Science,

Dhaka College, Dhaka.


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