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Hoisting favourite teams' national flags during FIFA World Cup

November 27, 2022 00:00:00

Bangladesh is a cricket locing nation. But every four years, the country goes crazy for FIFA World Cup. This year is no exception. From making a 3,000-foot-long flag in Mymensingh, to painting bridges in Rangamati with the colours of Argentina and Brazil flags, or making jerseys and banners of favourite teams, the greatest show on the earth has become an occasion of celebrations across the country. Almost every balcony and rooftop around the country is now adorned with the flags of football powerhouses. Flags mainly of Argentina and Brazil are now taking over everywhere including the streets, intersections, campuses of schools, colleges and universities.

As per the Bangladesh Flag Rules in 1972, no foreign flags can be flown without specific permission from the government, except foreign diplomatic offices. However, the High Court in 2018 gave the go-ahead to hoist foreign national flags across the country during the FIFA World Cup. So, hoisting flags of other countries is not illegal in Bangladesh. But while doing this, we should keep in mind that our national flag is our pride and identity. It is our responsibility to honour the national flag appropriately. While flying foreign flags, we can keep our national flag along with them and show respect to it.

SM Robin Ahmed,

Student of Department of Social Work,

Jagannath University, Dhaka,

[email protected]

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