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Letters to the Editor

Laptop for all

February 15, 2020 00:00:00

Computers are no more any high-end product. It has already become a necessary thing in daily life, especially for education and earning. Giving every citizen a computer, a laptop computer to be precise, may sound ambitious but this is a dream like mobile phone availability that has come true by this time. In digital Bangladesh, widespread use of computer may create more opportunities for learning, and access to knowledge resources and jobs online.

However, most of the new and brand computers sold in the Bangladesh market are still expensive and out of reach of the ordinary people. Some traders are selling relatively low-cost imported laptops that have some shortcomings in licensing and use of software. Yet, such sales have created a sense of hopes since middle and lower-middle class families are buying these laptops and are becoming proficient in information technology.

Some companies are trying to provide good quality laptops used abroad for the low income people. If they are also provided with data entry skills, these people will be able to earn. It is important that the regulatory authorities make sure that people are not cheated while purchasing computers and that they are compliant. If every citizen is provided with a laptop, such an incentive will be rewarding for all.

Md. Arifur Rahman Sumon

Savar, Dhaka.


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