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Letters to the Editor

Losses due to air pollution

February 14, 2020 00:00:00

When Dhaka's residents are suffering from one of the worst forms of air pollutions, a global report says Bangladesh loses 5.0 per cent of its gross domestic product or Tk 1.17 trillion a year due to air pollution caused by fossil fuels. In its report, 'Toxic air: The price of fossil fuels', Greenpeace also says such pollution is the cause of premature deaths for 96,000 in the country.

Worldwide, air pollution generated by burning fossil fuels is responsible for about 4.5 million premature deaths every year. This pollution is found to have increased incidence of illnesses and frequency of hospital visits, leading to work absences. This, in the West, means additional pressure on life.

Since Bangladesh is a growing economy and people are trying to improve their standard of living, there are additional tensions in life. Bangladeshis suffer from traffic congestion, dust and noise pollution in most cities and poor system of service delivery. Therefore, it is advisable that to sustain development, Bangladesh needs to invest in scientific research to innovate and use suitable technology so that people can live in a healthy environment and in peace.

Mosaddek Rumi

San Diego, USA


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