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Maintaining Covid curbs strictly

January 15, 2022 00:00:00

It is unfortunate that when Bangladesh is fighting Covid with restrictions and vaccinations, the number of positive cases is increasing again, particularly in Dhaka. On Wednesday, the country reported 2,916 new Covid-19 cases, the highest daily count since September 3. According to experts, the emergence of the omicron variant of the coronavirus has led to a spike in cases, and convinced the government to enforce health restrictions after nearly five months. Even Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged everyone to be careful and follow health regulations.

However, people do not seem to be worried about this surge of Covid cases. Instead, they are roaming around in crowded areas without wearing face masks. Taking omicron variant lightly can bring us to square one, and may take us to lockdowns again. So, we must change our complacent attitude of not wearing masks and not following social distancing rules. Moreover, the government should immediately stop all political rallies and election campaign, which follow no safety protocols. Unless the government ensures safety norms are adhered to, the risk of another wave will linger.

Badsha Faysal,

Jurain, Dhaka,

[email protected]

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