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Menace at Cox's Bazar beach

July 10, 2024 00:00:00

Although Bangladesh boasts of having the world's longest sea beach - Cox's Bazar - the beach is far from being developed to international standards. Currently, the beach is in a poor condition. Tourists are fed up with the aggressive behaviour of hawkers, horsecart operators, photographers and bikers.

Due to extreme negligence, indifference from the administration, and lack of surveillance, Cox's Bazar beach is losing its attraction to travellers from both at home and abroad. Despite millions of tourists visiting every year to enjoy its beauty, they cannot sit or relax due to the heavy crowed, roaming dogs on the beach and the menace of the peddlers.

In addition to numerous hotels and motels built by private enterprises, there are a few five-star hotels near the beach. However, the vast beach environment fails to attract foreign tourists. Many areas of the beach resemble garbage dumps, and littering is causing significant environmental damage.

As a result, the longest beach in the world is slowly losing its beauty, and its environmental balance is being destroyed. Due to a lack of proper guidelines or beach policies, the tourism potential of Cox's Bazar has been largely neglected over the years. We hope the authorities will take cognizance of the matter and take the necessary steps.

Asif Islam


Jahangirnagar University

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