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Motorbike theft rising

September 17, 2019 00:00:00

The media in recent times reported certain incidents of theft of motorbike. The killing of a ride-sharing motorcyclist in Dhaka city also drew public attention. Many people nowadays prefer using motorbikes to reach their destinations avoiding traffic congestion more often than not. As the number of motorcycle on the streets has increased, the incident of theft of motorbike from house, roads or parking has also risen simultaneously although all incidents could not be reported by the media. We don't hear people get back their stolen motorbikes. Members of gangs are believed to take less than a minute to steal a motorcycle. The victims often lodge complaints with the police station. In fact, it is the responsibility of law enforcement people to find out the criminals, take necessary action against them and their collaborators and expose the criminal nexus.

Mohammed Sohel Hara

Bonosree, Dhaka

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