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No magic expected from New Year

November 22, 2020 00:00:00

People around the world have started expressing their best wishes for the new Gregorian calendar year of 2021, with the hope that it would end their suffering caused by the pandemic. In fact, the New Year wishes are replete with wishful thinking aboutthe wellbeing of life and society. However, it is simply not understandable how a new year will change everything unless men and women as the change-makers of the earth take initiatives and act accordingly to bring changes.

We hardly like to recognise the challenges that we would have to face in the coming days. As it is most likely that the health challenges and financial difficulties would be far from over in 2021, we should plan in advance how we would overcome those.

So, what would be needed most are new ideas to bring remedy to lives of millions from the residual effects of the pandemic. Looking beyond 2021 would be important for post-pandemic challenges.It would require innovative solutions. We can dream of a better society with just and fair culture but we've to explore ideas and work for attaining new goals of life.

SB Newton

New Eskatonm Dhaka

[email protected]

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