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Letters to the Editor

No syndicate of masses

December 03, 2019 00:00:00

For the recent price rise of onion, syndicates of traders were being repeatedly blamed, as was done whenever there was an abnormal market behaviour. There are reported syndicates on the roads and highways that often try to stop the government from enforcing regulations. Existence of syndicates is reportedly there in almost all sectors where the people go to take services.

Only the "people have no such unity", President Md. Abdul Hamid told the convocation ceremony of BRAC University recently. He called for forging a national unity against all misdeeds. When thousands of people including youngsters spend hours together on the social media, most of them debate on issues that rather create disunity. There is no syndicate of masses, who now need to show they have a voice and some demands for their betterment.

Sarfuddin Ahmed

Khilgaon, Dhaka

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