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Online shopping: improving delivery service

October 10, 2018 00:00:00

Online shopping is a very popular medium of shopping that saves lots of time of the shoppers. People do not need to go to market to buy a thing. They can easily order any product staying right at home and also get it delivered.

Unfortunately, the defective delivery system is negatively affecting this experience of many. According to "Invesp", 20 per cent of all online returns are occurring because of damaged product delivery. E-customers are losing trust in online shopping while e-retailers are losing millions of dollars to faulty delivery service.

One young entrepreneur, who is successfully running one online shopping site, said, "I wrote 'Glass items, handle with care" on the package, but still the buyer received a broken pottery because of lack of care from the delivery service. It cost me 1000 Taka loss."

There are many other examples of these careless deliveries. It is high time the delivery service providers become careful about packages as that one package might be a gift, a dream or business to others.

Salma Akter

East West University

Department of Business Administration

[email protected]

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