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Padma Bridge: end of sufferings at Mawa

June 24, 2022 00:00:00

It feels good to think that finally we will be able to cross the Padma River by direct transport services once the bridge opens to traffic. With this, a long saga of southern district people's sufferings and hassles is going to come to an end. Since there was no bridge over the Padma River, we had no choice but to travel by launches braving many troubles and wasting many hours. We first had to come to the Mawa launch terminal and then cross the river by a launch or speedboat to catch a bus from the other side of the river to go to our village home. And we had to experience the same while returning to Dhaka. Crossing the river by these small vessels was not only troublesome but also very risky. And during festivals like Eid, the sufferings of home-bound people used to be doubled. However, with the opening of the much-awaited Padma Bridge, the suffering at Mawa terminal is going to be a matter of the past.

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge will undoubtedly bring a groundbreaking change in the communication system for the people of the south-western districts of Bangladesh. Once in operation, the greater road connectivity will play a significant role in boosting trade and commerce with the entire southern region. It is expected to change the fate of around 40 million people in addition to accelerating the GDP growth. And for this, we thank our Prime Minister for this dream come true bridge.

Rasmohan Halder,

Uttar Badda, Dhaka,

[email protected]

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