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Letters to the Editor

Post-pandemic priorities

May 23, 2020 00:00:00

In these tough times of coronavirus outbreak, we need to hope for a better tomorrow. Despite uncertainties we've scope for the dream of a developed country. Let me share a few things that we want to see.

Many people are losing jobs and salaries of some private jobholders are being cut to half. In such a situation, it is important for people to try entrepreneurship. More online opportunities should be created with proper support from the government.

The current crisis proves that availability of as well as access to quality foods is critical for people's survival during any crisis. So, for ensuring food security, cultivation of crops, vegetables, fruits and other produces needs to be raised.

Renewed focus needs to be made on improving medicare facilities since the country's health system has been exposed during the Covid-19 outbreak. Adequate hospitals should be established and physicians of high integrity engaged in providing services.

Mashiat Mamun Raidah

CSE, BRAC University

[email protected]

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