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Letters to the Editor

Promoting research in varsities

October 14, 2021 00:00:00

We have a lack of quality research in our universities. The lack of support for research and a dearth of quality publications are the main reasons for Bangladeshi universities lagging behind in most of the world rankings. Our university students hardly become part of a research work conducted by their teachers. Many of them do not even know how a research is conducted. On average, 80 per cent students, while studying in the universities, engage themselves in preparing for lucrative jobs or career-based education instead of exploring new knowledge or conducting research work.

In terms of research, we are lagging behind our neighbouring countries. For universities, it is important to be well-ranked. Several universities in India, China and Singapore are moving forward. If we look at them, we can understand our shortcomings as universities. Our budget for education and research is very poor. We should have allocated 25 per cent of our national budget or six per cent of GDP for education to improve its quality. Skill-based practical courses and research could also be included in our university curricula, making them compulsory for students.

Sabrina Karim Bhuyan,

Student of Department of Finance,

University of Chittagong, Chattogram,

[email protected]

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