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Promoting the local green malta

September 15, 2021 00:00:00

As a nutritious fruit, local green malta has already gained popularity. Farmers in northern districts and some other parts of the country are now planting nutritious fruit. The Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) has developed the variety. Thus, it is officially named Barimalta-1. Agro scientists say that green malta is more drought-tolerant and tasty. It is also a rich valued citrus fruit. Compared to imported orange-colour malta, the price of local green malta is cheaper. So, low-income people can purchase it easily. The growing demand helps increase the production of this local fruit. During the pandemic, intake of Vitamin-C to enhance the immune system has been advised by the health experts. Lemon and lime, the two most popular citrus fruits, are the major source of Vitamin-C. Now green malta becomes another good source of vitamin. It also contains other vitamins and fibre that help fight against anaemia and cancer. Local malta is also delicious and tastes better than the imported varieties. Overall, planting and marketing of nutritious fruit need particular promotion. It will also help reduce unemployment by opening up opportunities for the unemployed youths.

Marufa Raisa


[email protected]

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