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Reining in soaring onion price

October 10, 2023 00:00:00

Onion is an essential cooking ingredient in Bangladesh. However, it often gets pricier since we are largely dependent on imported onions. Currently, the price of onion has increased again at an unbearable rate. The government has meanwhile fixed the price of onion, but the traders are not adhering to the price so set officially.

One may recall at this point that the price of onion had gone through the roof in the past when the government had to import this essential commodity. Onions are now selling at Tk 90-100 per kilogram in Dhaka city's kitchen markets. This is Tk 40 to 50 more than what is was a few months ago. The onion market is unstable in rural areas of the country, too. The limited-income people, especially day-labourers, are struggling to meet their daily expenses.

Onion is an indispensable item for cooking. But every year, in this season in particular, onion prices go beyond the reach of common people. The present rise in onion prices should be arrested immediately and ensure that it is within the acceptable limit.

We urge the authorities concerned to look into the issue sincerely and take appropriate measures so that the onion market cools off to some extent. The government should take steps to make Bangladesh self-sufficient in onion production.

Al Amin,

Student of University of Dhaka,

[email protected]

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