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Safe use of ATM cards

November 23, 2020 00:00:00

While withdrawing cash through automated teller machines (ATMs), we often feel that we are doing it safely and privately. But it will be like living in the fool's paradise if we do not do it smartly. There are ATM card fraudsters everywhere in the world including Bangladesh who can clone or skim both debit and credit cards and use it for withdrawing cash from one's account. At least 10 foreigners were reportedly arrested last year alone on charges of ATM card cloning. With modern technologies, the fraudsters steal the cardholders' information and make a clone card.

Cloning, also known as skimming, refers to the copying of credit or debit card information using software or an electronic device, in order to gain unauthorised access to someone's account. According to experts, there are things one can do to make sure that one does not fall victim to this variety of fraud. If anything is fishy near the ATM machines, the card-holders must inform it to the bank authorities. Covering the keypad when entering the pin can be a step to prevent fraud. The card-holders should also swipe their cards themselves in a POS (point of sale) machine for payment.

Ratri Saha

North South University

[email protected]

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