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Letters to the Editor

Salary of imams and muezzins

April 03, 2024 00:00:00

At the end of each month, the imams and muezzins of the mosque receive a salary of Tk7,000. However, amidst the current rampant increase in commodity prices, this amount is paltry. Despite this, these individuals, who belong to low-income brackets, religiously maintain their attendance at the mosque, rendering their service and labour. While these are employment opportunities, the compensation and benefits provided are insufficient to support a single person, let alone a family.

Given the low-paid service, it is incumbent upon society to support the imams and muezzins. Since their salaries are funded by the public, it is imperative for the public to consider avenues for their improvement. Specifically, there should be provisions for bonuses in addition to their monthly salaries during Ramadan and the two Eids, enabling them to navigate these periods more comfortably. Additionally, there is a pressing need to explore avenues for raising their salaries to a respectable level.

Ashikujaman Syed

Marketing Research Associate,

Hebei Huanji Metal Wire Mesh Co. Ltd

Shijiazhuang, China,

[email protected]

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