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Save St Martin's Island

March 19, 2023 00:00:00

Saint Martin's, a coral island in the Bay of Bengal, is an attractive tourist spot. Every day, hundreds of tourists go there. They stay there at the resorts. However, many of these resorts and hotels have been built illegally by disobeying the environment rules. This island is an environmentally sensitive area, where heavy construction is not allowed. But who cares? The illegal structures, sound of the vehicles, too many people moving on the island -- all these have made the island vulnerable.

According to a report, corals in the island are on the brink of extinction. The number of their species has decreased from 141 to 40 in the period between 1980 and 2018. The report hints that there might be no corals in the island by 2045. The original inhabitants of the island are in deplorable condition. They cannot live a life of luxury. It is time the government removed all types of illegal structures from the island and brought back life to the island. Cooperation of all cornered are needed to implement such a step. Tourists also need to be aware of preserving the environment of the island.

MA Islam,

Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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