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Speedy justice against rape

October 18, 2020 00:00:00

According to Women and Children Repression Prevention Act, the trial for rape has to be executed within 180 days. Because of the culture of impunity, this heinous crime -rape - has increased in recent times. Unfortunately the said Act has not been effective in creating a new atmosphere. Only 3.0 per cent of the total lawsuits havebeen prosecuted. So, it is important that the trial process of this crime is accelerated.

After incorporation of death penalty, some other barriers to faster trial need to be addressed. These include,among others,lack of witness protection system, absence of gendersensitization and lack of timely medical and legal examinations. Rapists must be penalised at a faster pace in the country so that none can take any undue advantage of the delays in the delivery of justice.

Wares Ali Khan

Sadar, Narsingdi


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