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Letters to the Editor

Standing against rape

November 26, 2021 00:00:00

Rape is a brutal crime. When such a crime continues to recur in society, we have reasons to worry about our society's wellbeing. According to the World Population Review, it has been seen that rape is more prevalent in countries with less education and wealth. The picture we get of rape in such countries is not a fraction of the actual situation. Many incidents of rape go unreported and underreported for a lack of security and justice. But the reports we come across in our newspapers are more than enough to shock us. What is even worse is that many of the rape victims are minors.

It seems that our existing laws are not helping us prevent such an abuse. The authorities need to take stringent measures if we are to reduce the rate of violence against women and girls. Socially, we also have to stand up against rape incidents. It is not a difficult task to get together and raise our voice against such crimes. All we need is our commitment.

Ashikujaman Syed,

Research Assistant,

Bioinformatics Research Lab,

Center for Research

Innovation and

Development (CRID),

[email protected]

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