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Letters to the Editor

Strangulating rural arbitration

September 16, 2020 00:00:00

We read in newspaper reports on high expectations about effectiveness of village courts in reducing the burden of cases on the courts. Foreign donors also showed their interests in making functional such justice delivery at grassroots level. As citizens, we once saw use of rural arbitration in settlement of local disputes. Perhaps that really helped villagers to avoid formal court and save money.

Seeing enthusiasm among urban experts about village courts or rural arbitration, we feel confused. They are perhaps expecting justice delivery at village which they read in books or witnessed decades ago. We doubt if they have enough ideas about the fallen structure of village society by this time. Chain of command of elders has been broken and social environment vitiated by some unscrupulous powerful political elements. In a new context, it will not be easy to implement the ideas.

Moazzem Hossain

Nagarpur, Tangail


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