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Letters to the Editor

Strengthening health sector leadership

July 16, 2020 00:00:00

At a time when the entire world is fighting to overcome effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Bangladesh is plagued by some sinister scams relating to testing and treatment of Covid-19 patients. The cases of infection are still on the rise worldwide, and in Bangladesh, too, there is no sign of receding trend. Such scandals are stumbling blocks to preventing the spread of the virus and providing medicare facilities to the patients.

However, since the issues have come to the limelight, it becomes easier for the authorities concerned to take stern actions. Apart from punishing the culprits, the corrupt and inefficient need to be removed from important positions. The government needs to appoint both professionals and efficient administrators in key positions of the health sector to offer strong leadership during this hard time.

Sayed Adnan Hossain

Deptt of Business Administration

East West University, Dhaka


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