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Things we want after Covid-19

May 23, 2020 00:00:00

Based on lesson we learned from the coronavirus crisis, some fresh steps need to be taken. Bangladesh has faced problems in Covid-19 testing due to lack of weakness in health system and scientific capacity. We need to establish a national research institutes for innovations and promoting researchers and scientists. Thus, future disease can be prevented without depending on foreign information and knowledge.

Following the Covid-19 experience, various institutions, offices and social organisations should initiate training sessions for common people after the end of the pandemic. That can make a difference in improving overall public health by containing pollutions.

Digital learning has become more important any time. The crisis has rather created scope for online classes, assignments, and examinations. All students should be made tech-savvy and provided with facilities for learning digitally so that they can emerge as skilled workers in future. So, the government should improve online and e-commerce services. Internet facilities should not only be expanded for easy access but also made affordable for all.

Rodel Advan

BIAM Model School & College

[email protected]

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