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Letters to the Editor

Time for cottage industry

September 25, 2020 00:00:00

The coronavirus pandemic brought most of the economic activities to a standstill at one stage and now, some of them have resumed, if not all. Bangladesh has been seriously affected and many people have lost their income. Despite most people's efforts there is a stagnation in various activities relating to livelihoods. Education sector is perhaps the biggest casualty.

In such a situation, the country's traditional cottage industry can be a remedy if proper planning is there. A large number of people who have almost nothing to do these days, can be engaged and this can be a training opportunity for many. Creative talents of youth may be utilised for modernising the sector. These days, parts of some heavy manufacturing can be made by cottage units. What is needed is patronising and networking with the market. At the same time, some traditional cottage industries which were threatened can also be revived.

M, Sayem Ahmad

Depttt. of Political Science.

Dhaka College, Dhaka.


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