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Tracking down money-launderers

November 22, 2020 00:00:00

The government's Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit has received as many as 3,228 complaints of money laundering in the past five years,, according to reports. recommendations were made to take actions in this regard. Also the foreign minister has of late spoke about siphoning off of ill-gotten money abroad. However, the amount of money taken out of the country illegally is said to be enormous, according to foreign agencies.

It's to be seen how the law enforcement authorities act to bring back the money and punish the criminals. However, an effective way could be engaging the members of the community in each destination country to identify the culprits and lodge complaints with the host countries. Such steps may discourage potential money launderers from continuing with the ill practice and also make them fearful of the consequence in the destination countries.

Sabbir Ahmed

Leeds, the UK

[email protected]

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