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Letters to the Editor

Urgent action needed to address gas crisis

July 11, 2024 00:00:00

Bangladesh is facing a critical situation with widespread power cuts due to a nationwide gas shortage. This crisis, triggered by damage to a key liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal during Cyclone Remal, has plunged millions into darkness, impacting everything from households and businesses to essential services.

While the entire country is suffering, the brunt of the power outages seems to be borne by rural areas. The rural communities, already lacking in resources, are experiencing extended periods without electricity, disrupting daily life and livelihoods.

The current situation, with power generation falling far short of capacity and load shedding implemented for hours on end, is unacceptable. While the resumption of operations at the Summit Group's FSRU on July 15th offers a glimmer of hope, it is not enough.

We need immediate and long-term solutions to address this crisis. Firstly, ensuring a smooth and swift restoration of the damaged FSRU is of paramount importance. Secondly, we must explore alternative sources of gas supply to reduce dependence on a single terminal. Investing in renewable energy sources and exploring ways to diversify gas imports are crucial to long-term energy security.

The current gas crisis highlights the vulnerability of Bangladesh's energy infrastructure. We must learn from this experience and take decisive action to prevent similar situations in the future. The well-being and economic prosperity of our nation depend on a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

Abdullah Al Tahmid


Stamford University

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